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It's Good to Be From the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Whitefish comes from the largest freshwater lake system in the world. This results in several important benefits.

Wild vs. Farmed

Most chefs and cooks believe that wild-caught fish offers superior flavor and texture to fish that is farmed. Wild Great Lakes Whitefish is found only in cold northern waters. Reputable brands guarantee that their fish is accurately labeled Wild Caught from the Great Lakes-Product of U.S.A.

Frozen vs. Fresh

Studies show that when fish is carefully vacuum packed and frozen and expertly handled, it keeps the flavor and texture that is "fresh from the water." Tests with consumer panels at Michigan State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Sensory Evaluation Laboratory concluded that consumers could not differentiate a cooked flavor difference between fresh and vacuum packed frozen lake whitefish. Even when properly refrigerated, fresh fish must be used within 2 to 4 days. The nutritional value of fresh and frozen fish is very similar.

A Matter of Distance

Great Lakes Whitefish from Michigan fisheries is caught and processed right in the Great Lakes area. Our fish makes no journeys to or from Asia! Look for the country of origin label on any fish you purchase. Also check where the fish was processed. You may be surprised.

Government Regulation

To ensure only the freshest fish get to your table, Michigan's commercial fish must meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, enforced regionally by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. The FDA sets a "trigger" level for any contaminants of concern, such as PCBs and mercury. Fish may not be sold if they exceed the trigger level.