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Deb’s Summer Whitefish

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Try this flavorful recipe from Chef Deborah Pearce.

Servings: 4                   
Portion: 6oz.            
Yield:  24 oz.
Prep Time: 20 min.
Bake Time: 20 min. at 350O

Special Notes: Parchment Paper or foil

 Ingredients  Weight/Measure  Method of Preparation
 Sesame Oil  1 tsp Brush oil on parchment paper and layer arugula and sorrel on oiled parchment paper.
 Arugula  12 leaves  
 Sorrel  12 leaves  
 Boneless filets of Whitefish  24 oz. Place whitefish on greens
 Fish Sauce  4 oz. Mix all ingredients for the rub together and let sit 10 minutes
 Fresh Ginger, minced  2 tsp  
 Fresh Garlic, minced  4 clvs.  
 Sesame seeds  1T  
 Scallions, bias cut  6  
 Sesame oil  1/2 cups  
 Fresh lime Juice  2 oz  
 Shiitake mushrooms - thin sliced  3 oz. Pour rub over fish  sprinkle with mushrooms fold parchment paper making sure it is sealed.
    Bake 20 minutes @ 350 degrees.


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